Villagers observe cleaning day

Villagers of Syed Matto Shah observe cleaning day. More pictures here

Villagers of Syed Matto Shah observed a cleaning day a day before the Eid.

After the announcement on the social media, several villagers had expressed their desire to join the event. Most of them appeared on the day and cleaned the roads and the streets.

The activity was led by Raza Ali, a member of My Village Community Syed Matto Shah. “This was the first cleaning activity at the community level. We hope that the number of participants will increase in future,” he said.

The participants included Raza Ali, Mohammad Hussain, Zafar Ali, Rauf, Mohammad Aadil, Sharif, Sikandar Ali, Noor Hasan, Inayat, Noor Muhammad, Tariq, Ghulam Ali, Ghani, Shahid and several other villagers.


4 thoughts on “Villagers observe cleaning day

  1. A water purification unit in village Syed Matto Shah is not working since a long time. Let us do something in this regard.

  2. I think this problem is related with electricity when new electricity system will introduce in our village then it directly going to be on, Our current system can’t bear it.

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