Umaid Ali Sathio – from a private student to a teacher and an author

Umaid Ali Sathio – a high school teacher (HST) and an author of several books in Sindhi – could not have continued his education if Shams ul Haq Ansari of Hala had not been posted to the village as the secretary of union council Saeed Matto. He offered free tuition to the villagers, including Umaid Ali, and encouraged them to continue their secondary and higher secondary education as private students.

Umaid Ali was one of the villagers who never looked back. He did the matric from Government High School Tando Muhammad Khan, and Master of Education (MEd) from University of Sindh, old campus.

These days, apart from teaching at the Government High School Abdul Rahim Katiar as HST, Umaid Ali is busy in authoring books on the local history and culture. His published books include:

  1.  سٺيا ذات Sathia Caste (two parts)
  2.  سيد پريل شاه ڏاڏا سائينءَ جو تاريخي ۽ شجرائتي احوال About Syed Paryal Shah Dada Sain and his Ancestry
  3.  سنڌ جا ڪجھ اهم شهر Significant Towns of Sindh

2 thoughts on “Umaid Ali Sathio – from a private student to a teacher and an author

  1. Sain Umaid Ali is a great teacher and a good human being. He always encourages people for education and exploring professional opportunities. For me, he is a mentor.

  2. Life is a process of self discovery. It is proved by sir Umaid Ali. He is a self-made man. Whatever he has done, it is result of his struggle. I feel proud to know him. He is a great asset to our community. Best wishes and prayers for him, May Allah bless him with health, wealth, prosperous life, honor, and long life. Ameen.

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