Sharif Sathio participates in British Council Active Citizens National Exchange Programme 2014

Our villager Sharif Sathio was one of the participants of the British Council Active Citizens National Exchange Programme 2014 hosted by the Pakistan Lions Youth Council (PLYC) in Multan recently.

Sharif 01

Sharif 02

Sharif 03

Sharif 04


Village Mithan Sathio Eleven wins summer cricket tournament

Winner team captain receiving the trophy from Anwar Ali Sathio (photo courtesy: Abbas Sathio).

Runnerup team captain, Saddam Sathio, receiving the trophy from Abbas Sathio (photo courtesy: Abbas Sathio).

The Mithan Sathio Eleven, a cricket team of village Mithan Sathio, locally known as Dandhay Goth, has won the summer cricket tournament mutually organised by the young players of villages Syed Matto Shah and Mithan Sathio.

The purpose of this initiative by the teenagers from both the villages, led by Iqbal Sathio, was to provide an opportunity for fun and adventure during the summer vacations.

Youngsters as well as adults enjoyed the tournament matches held in nearby areas.

Anwar Ali Sathio and Abbas Sathio, being gests at the award distribution ceremony, distributed trophies to the players.

Both the guests applauded the efforts of the young villagers. “We all need to appreciate and support such healthy initiatives,” said Mr Anwar.

The ceremony was also attended by Mohammad Hussain, interim president and Noor Hassan, joint secretary of My Village Community, local community orgnisation of the villagers.

A young player receiving his trophy from Anwar Ali Sathio (photo courtesy: Abbas Sathio).

Sarfaraz Ali Sathio – a gold medalist from our village

Sarfaraz Ali Sathio of village Syed Matto Shah secured the first position in Masters of Science in Zoology in the specialised subject of Entomology from the University of Sindh, and received his gold medal at the 34th Pakistan Congress of Zoology (International) held at the Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan recently.

He has specialised in Entomology that is the scientific study of insects, a branch of Zoology.

“The credit goes to my parents who always encouraged me to focus on my studies,” said Sarfaraz. “My father Muhammad Haroon Sathio was a source of inspiration. He never spoke a word about how he managed my educational expenses,” he added.

Sarfaraz completed his higher secondary and secondary school education from the Fauji Foundation Higher Secondary School, Tando Muhammad Khan, and the primary education from his village at the Government Primary School Syed Matto Shah.

The community congratulated Sarfaraz and wished him the best in his future endeavours.

Chetan – one-minute mobile film

This is a 1-minute mobile film about a Hindu Kolhi boy, Chetan, from our village.

Rasool Bux Sarang

Mohammad Hussain

Chetan, Maglo, Mrs Maglo, Meehar and Jumman

Chetan and his parents
Teachers and students of Government Primary School, Syed Matto Shah
Mohammad Hussain Sathio

‘Village Dawn’ Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

By Rasool Bux Sarang using Samsung Galaxy SIII and Windows Movie Maker


Shoukat Ali joins CSSP as Manager M&E

Shoukat Ali, who hails from the village Syed Matto Shah and now lives in Hyderabad, has joined the Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) – a non-profit civil society organisation – as Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

He will also serve as the first director of the National Institute of Social Education (NISE), an initiative of CSSP to enhance the human development across the country.

Previously, he worked for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as Grievances Redressal Coordinator, Sindh; the World Wide Fund (WWF) as Manager, M&E; and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as M&E officer in Pakistan.

Shoukat studied Master of Science in Rural Development at the University of Sindh, and completed his higher secondary and secondary school education from Public School, Hyderabad and Darul Uloom High School, Tando Muhammad Khan respectively.

The community congratulated Shoukat and wished him the best in his future endeavours.

Umaid Ali Sathio – from a private student to a teacher and an author

Umaid Ali Sathio – a high school teacher (HST) and an author of several books in Sindhi – could not have continued his education if Shams ul Haq Ansari of Hala had not been posted to the village as the secretary of union council Saeed Matto. He offered free tuition to the villagers, including Umaid Ali, and encouraged them to continue their secondary and higher secondary education as private students.

Umaid Ali was one of the villagers who never looked back. He did the matric from Government High School Tando Muhammad Khan, and Master of Education (MEd) from University of Sindh, old campus.

These days, apart from teaching at the Government High School Abdul Rahim Katiar as HST, Umaid Ali is busy in authoring books on the local history and culture. His published books include:

  1.  سٺيا ذات Sathia Caste (two parts)
  2.  سيد پريل شاه ڏاڏا سائينءَ جو تاريخي ۽ شجرائتي احوال About Syed Paryal Shah Dada Sain and his Ancestry
  3.  سنڌ جا ڪجھ اهم شهر Significant Towns of Sindh