Our Needs

Repair or new electricity line from 9 mile bus stop to village Haji Urs Sathio
Vocational training centre/employment opportunity for men/women (women know cloth embroidery) Invite government or an organisation to open a vocational training centre and/or offer earning opportunities to the villagers.
Community transport Arrange a bus or coaster for pick and drop to the community or nearby students/employees, especially girls. In the free time, the transport can also be used for private trips to raise funds.
Support large families, currently living in one-room houses, to build extra rooms
New building for union council office
A government high school for boys This will also accommodate nearby villages.
A government high school for girls This will also accommodate nearby villages.
A road from the village bazaar to Yar Momhammad Bhedo
Support Centre Identify cases for help, e.g., poor students/patients, poverty-hit families, etc. Encourage talented individuals.
Blood group screening of the entire village (only 6 persons know their blood groups)
Adult literacy programme for illiterate villagers
Community centre building for community activities
EVO USB internet Device and monthly charges for the internet. In the long run, the community has to generate income to pay monthly charges.
Digital camera/scanner for community office
Signage of the village and the community
Sports ground and necessary equipment

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